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Editor's Pick of March, 2009
When it comes to making web design more amusing and animated an image of a funny creature like this is sure to help.
This can be made for Lunar new year occasiom.
Create new document, random size
Check to Show Grid and Snap to Grid item on View menu
14/2, you want to make an ideal e-present to your boy/girl friend. Grab your mouse with Ezphotoshop now.
Photo taken from your cell phone or a sticker machine is not good, bored color. That's because the lens. Photoshop can enhance its quality.
Use this layout for graphical website.
Blue like ocean, glossy style of Web 2.0 - Create your user bar with Ezphotoshop.
The Photoshop tutorial of the day is - "Anime DeFormed Eye." Come on buck up, you can do it! It has plenty of screenshots and illustrations to make it interesting and the texts are simple to read and apply in your own work.
Make a cute Korean Flag!!! And then eat Kimchi.
Making a look-like your notebook paper. Adding some few steps to make a background.