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Let's put a transparent sphere into the text!
Burn burn, burn down everything!!!
Cool cool rays of electricity discharging, splashing splashing nowhere...
This tutorial will show you how to change anyone's eye color to something out of the fantasy world or just change it to a natural color.
A photo can be cooked with different recipes. It's tough to be a good chef, but pretty simple to be a good photoshoper. Roll up your sleeves, wear your apron now!
Learn how to add this easy and elegant photo effect that's great for portraits and formal photos. From a photo shooted by a normal point and shoot camer, you can turn your photo just like shot by a Pro carema. NO MONEY WASTE ON THE LENS !!!
This tutorial shows you how to create a slightly messy and pretty flashy text effect.
Wanna make your photo looks stylish. Read this tutorial!!
In this tutorial, I will show you some methods to improve some bad skins (sorry ^.^) and boring colors.
Create a golden and antique text.