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With this video tutorial will learn a basic way of how to add text and image on a backbround.
Learn how to create a URL link button in Flash.
In this tutorial I teach you how to use the _currentframe function in flash which is extremely useful.
Working with Movie assets within Flash CS3 allows you to divide your animations into modular sections, each with their own characteristics that can be modified independently of each other.
This tutorial will teach you how to make buttons and use them to control an animation.
In the next tutorial you can learn to draw a character ninja. The tutorial is very well detailed.
The next tutorial teaches you how to program and design a button, the code used is ActionScript 3.
In this tutorial learn to draw, the drawing is composed of several layers.
How to make a fake preloader in flash for your animations games etc.
With the following video tutorial you can learn to use masks, and with the tutorial you'll learn to insert images on texts.