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How to create frozen text in Photoshop with drooping icicles and snow.
This tutorial shows you how to quickly extend that background in Photoshop!
One of the pro methods for correction of lighting and color problems, this is as easy as pie!
In the next tutorial shows up as colored remains of a car after having used different colors to the car.
In this tutorial you will learn how to create guide lines to make items/objects curve instead of using a motion tween where it just goes in a straight line.
Creating interactive buttons can cover a wide variety of options. This tutorial will show you how to use the standard Flash button tools to make a use roll over effect.
In PhotoShop, we have the ability to create transparent GIF and PNG images. In this tutorial, we will look how we can export images to maintain the transparency we create in PhotoShop, so that we can have a background image or color show through.
Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorial that shows you How to Make Vampie Teeth
Matt Kloskowski shows how & when to use the clone stamp and healing brush to retouch a damaged digital photo.
This is a tutorial on how to use layer masks in Adobe Photoshop CS3.