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Create a new document with dimensions 550x400 and 72 dpi.
Paint it with white.
Use the instrument and make a figure like this one. Paint it with 3b9327.
Choose Blending options, Gradient Overlay parameter...
Create a new file with dimensions 600x600 and 72 dpi and paint it with the color ffbe00.
Using the instrument , draw the pattern of white color like in the picture:
Copy this background.
Open the photo with the textured surface.
Go to Image -> Duplicate
A new window will come up asking you to give the duplicate image a name (wall copy)
Now save the duplicate image as wall copy.psd. Close the duplicate image.
Create icons that can be used for web sites.
We will learn how to create an advanced glass orb icon.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, January 2007
This article is a Photoshop lesson for a Christmas Tree Design. The author sets the lesson out into easy to follow steps - each with an illustration. Screenshots of Photoshop tool use will help even a beginner to make good progre...
Create a new background with dimensions 600x600 and 72 dpi. Make a gradient mending using the instrument and color codes indicated in the picture.
Then using the instrument draw some inclined stripes with the color ea9b02 and the parameters like in the picture.
Make a new file with 600x500 and 72 dpi. Draw the background using the color indicated in the picture.
Now we'll draw the bricks using the instrument like in the picture. The color code is 6bcbfl.
We created banner for amercian football game like Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers.
Create a sweet XP style phone icon.