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AGAVA AntispamServant is an intelligent spam filter that starts up instantly and is very easy to use. AntispamServant leverages the personalized approach proposed by the first trainable filters, but takes usability to a new level.
All professional and many mid-range digital cameras support the capability to capture images in the RAW file format. Each manufacturer takes a different approach to doing so, but for the most part, the editing of these files can be done fairly painlessly in Photoshop CS
1. Making a new document 300x300, apply Filter>Render>Clouds with Foreground #FFFFFF and Background #FE9E06
2. Make a new layer (this layer is your second layer), now take some brushes and select the color black and make some sample brush marks along the edge
What is a RAW file and what makes it so outstanding ? I really will try to keep it simple When we talk about digital image we have to remember that it is not film anymore, most features of an image like color, temperature , contrast light etc.
Step 1: Create a new document and fill it with black. We used 350px x 350px as the dimensions.
Step 2: Create a new layer, name it "Small" and fill it with black. Go to filter > noise > add noise then enter the following settings:
Start with a photo that you want to turn into a two tone silhouette.
Duplicate that layer by pressing Ctrl + J, than desaturate it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + U.
Go to Filter -> Artistic -> Cutout and apply these settings.
Create a new file by pressing Ctrl + N, I used 400 by 500, than select the marquee tool M and make a square selection.
Create a new layer and fill it with any color you like, I used #2573A0.
Select the brush tool by pressing B
This brief tutorial will go over how to trace and "cut out" an object in Photoshop and create a black silhouette, a la iPod ads.
Editor's Pick in Color Theory, February 2007
What's a design without color? This excellent tutorial will explain Color Management in Photoshop. The author has provided an outline for you to review when you need color managment and how to accomplish it.
In this tutorial we will learn how to design decorative hearts and love illustration.