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Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, April 2006
If you don't have enough time to order a print on a cup for your friend's birthday, personalize a graphic cup in no time. This is a useful technique to learn, applicable to any object.
Start by creating a new file. Draw an rectangle at the top using rectangular shape tool.
Create a line below the top rectangle.
Copy the line layer and palce it at the bottom. Create another thin line.
Start by opening an image with a wide sky area.
Press Q to enable quick mask. From filter menu select render>>clouds.
From filter menu select render>>difference clouds. Press Ctrl+F, 5 times to apply the effect again.
Start by opening an image of a car. Duplicate the car image and hide it.
From filter menu select render>>lens flare.
Apply settings as shown.
Unhide the car layer and similarly apply lens flare on the other side.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2006
This very nice and sweet tutorial will show you how to draw a very real egg crack to create the illusion of an egg-born infant.
Start by creating a rounded rectangle in a new file.
Press Shift and create a circular shape at one end of the rectangle.
Apply 3 pixels stroke to the button shapes.
Type text "Eye Opner Article".
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2006
A typical logo art, the doll is created with the help of many Photoshop elements. Learn to use these elements to draw vector-looking pictures from scratch.
Start by creating a thin rectangular strip using rectangle tool.
Duplicate the strip and place below the first strip with a gap of few pixels.
Similarly create several duplicates and place according to the image below.
Select all layers, link together and merge.
In this tutorial we'll create a promotional flyer for a child rehabalitation clinic. Start by creating a new file and an image you want to place on the flyer.
Start by creating a leaf ornament shape using custom shape tool.
Select the shape area using rectangular marquee tool.
From edit menu select define pattern. i named this pattern "artistic".