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Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2006
You don't have to buy thousand-dollar cameras and stumble in the dark to take awesome night pictures. Just take a day-time picture and convert it easily in Photoshop.
Start by applying a light color gradient to the background layer.
Create a vertical and horizontal axis using line tool.
Add some value dividers on these axis using line tool.
Start by opening an image of a model.
Duplicate the layer and press Ctrl+Shift+U to desaturate.
Change the color mode to screen.
Duplicate the layer.
Press Ctrl+U to open hue/saturation window. Apply settings as shown.
Create a circle using elliptical shape tool.
Press shift and create a vertical rectangle using rectangular shape tool.
Press Ctrl+U and Shift+Ctrl+T several times to create the design as shown.
Merge all layers. Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply sett...
<span>Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2006</span><br/>Make your text look really awesome with this wonderfully colorful artistic effect!
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Articles, March 2006
Photographers will appreciate this tutorial, which relates the rules of photo editing and image positioning and teaches how to harness the power of Photoshop to do it. Tap in!
Make a new layer and with the rectangle marquee tool make a rectangle. Fill it with white.
Go to Filter > Noise > Add noise. Add about 50-60% amount, gaussian and monochromatic.
Open the image you want to goldify. Mine is a 3D render human person.
Make a new document, 1000x1000 pixels, white background
Get the type tool from the left menu and select the "Tahoma" font.
Now type your desired text. I used tahoma 120 points, black color.
Now enter the layer style. We will start to build this aqua style. First go check the s...
This tutorial is for adding a focus element on a photo that lacks one. For example, in my example image, the main element is not distinguished clearly by the viewer because of the heavy background. Also the background is in the same tonality with the subject and this doesn't help the girl.