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This tutorial explains how to add a rustic style to an image, the effect is very good.
In the next tutorial learn how to use brushes and text tools, these tools can do basic web design.
Changing a coloured picture and improving the "Sharpenes" of the image and creating a cool Black and White toned effect which can create a "Dark".
I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 for the retouch (yes, I bought it), Snapz Pro X for the screen-recording and iMovie for the editing.
This tutorial describes step by step how to design an eye with the reflection of a landscape.
This tutorial explains how to make a vampire teeth, the tutorial is very well detailed.
In the next tutorial learn how to type on a circular path in Photoshop.
In the following video of Adobe Photoshop CS3, learn modifications to a car Audi RS6. This car is to change color, changed the tire and you put some accessories.
This is how to change a colour of a car and whiten teeth.
Basic Flash tutorial on creating gradient filled text and reflection or mirror effect in Macromedia / Adobe Flash.