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Bert uses examples to explain the difference between layer masks and alpha channels. Both work the same way, but for a totally different purpose.
We will create these web icons in the following video and make ourselves a navigation bar out of them. Learn so cool Layer control tips and tricks as well as distribution using multiple layers. You ought to enjoy this one if you need to create buttons or just icons for your site!
With the following tutorial learn how to retouch an image that has too many imperfections makeup.
Changing hair color in Photoshop is quite popular, but transforming a head of dark, or brown hair in not so easy, matter of fact most people would skip right over after a try or two and find a blonde or settle for something that does not look that great.
This tutorial will teach you how to mask, which is basically making an object uncover pictures and stuff.
An Function within Flash CS3 allow you to create a set of instructions and only have to write them one single time.
This video tutorial teaches you as transforming an image of Alecia Moore in photograph with a style of vampire.
Easy video tutorial where you will learn how to mask frizzy hair In Photoshop.
Here are shows you how to make a photo editor from start to finish, includes retouching to the smallest detail.
In this video I will show a faster way to change the color of a car.