Top 6 Software development trends for 2022 you should know about

As the series of events in February and March has shown, 2022 isn’t exactly an easy year for entrepreneurs and IT experts. One of the ways to remain competitive and successful in this breaking crisis is to analyze, predict, and opt for innovation. This editorial will help you better understand the software development trends dominating 2022 and choose the ones that may work for you! 

software development trends
Low code/no-code upswing

Software development cost has always been a stumbling point for many business owners. Everybody understands how important it is to invest in a digital presence. Yet, not everybody can afford to spend months and thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars on software. So no wonder the opportunity to cut costs and save time during the development process gains popularity day by day.


The IT market offers a way to obtain fully-functioning applications the users will appreciate without hiring an experienced dev team. And that is low code/no-code platforms. No-code solutions (as the name implies) can be utilized even by people with no coding skills. On the other hand, low-code platforms require coding and the developers’ assistance but significantly reduce time-to-market.

As a report by Gartner claims, just in three years, 70% of the newly-developed enterprise apps will be low code or no code. Business owners clearly appreciate the convenience this trend brings.

Cloud is a must

Cloud solutions aren’t exactly new, even to a basic user. Dropbox, Google G-Suite, Zoom, and other well-known cloud-based applications are trusted and loved by the audience. And while earlier cloud solutions were more of an option, in 2022 cloud-native approach becomes a must and that’s not going to change any time soon.


Most of the new software will be developed with cloud deployment and management in mind. The cloud-native architecture provides more agility from the business perspective, it gives endless opportunities for scalability, simplifies arranging the remote workflow, and brings multiple other benefits.


IT market experts claim that the cloud-native app market will double its size in the next few years, and that prediction is realistic.

Blockchain and Dapps revolution

A couple of years ago, the term Blockchain was primarily associated with cryptocurrencies by the general public. In 2022 the perception of Blockchain technology changed. Today, it has become one of the leading digital forces driving the decentralization process.


Decentralized apps (Dapps) live on a P2P network and are not being controlled by any type of authority. At the same time, Dapps bring many assets to the business. And we’re talking not only about the censorship resistance. Blockchain-based solutions are secure and transparent, which is vital for any business. As of 2022, the Blockchain expansion is very prominent in Fintech, Healthcare, and Logistics. In 2023 and further, even more, industries will be involved.

Native app development beats hybrid

A mobile app development frenzy that happened in the second half of the 2010s is now coming to an end. Mobile apps are among business essentials now and are no longer perceived by the business owners as a “thing that’s nice to have.”


The change in public (and business) perception as well as increased expectations of the audience boosted the native mobile app development. Several years ago, hybrid mobile apps were extremely popular as they are cheaper and faster to develop. A dream for any business owner. However, now the customers are used to interacting with nearly perfect applications that have sleek UI/UX and demonstrate high productivity, speed, and safety. Achieving that level of excellence is easier with native languages like Swift and Kotlin. So, in 2022 and later we’re about to see a dramatic shift from faster and cheaper to more pricey but high-quality.

Artificial Intelligence is sought-after

Artificial Intelligence is yet another trend that is on everybody’s lips for the last couple of years. At first, it was considered something unrealistic, then something too complicated, then too expensive and unnecessary. And finally, now, when narrow AI becomes as intelligent as a human and is able to make the right decisions/predictions successfully, the reliance on AI/ML technology is expected to skyrocket.


One of the main factors driving that change is AI/ML versatility. It can be leveraged in nearly any business industry by a company of any size. It offers predictive analysis, image and video recognition, improved customer service, fast and effective data processing, and successful task automation. As you can see, the number of ways businesses can adopt AI is nearly endless. Just like the number of perks AI can bring.

UI/UX will steal the spotlight

A user-friendly UI/UX has always been crucial for business as it determines the product’s market success at the end of the day. However, in the earlier years, the application’s logic and back-end were almost exclusively prioritized over user experience and user interface.


In 2022 things are changing, and a well-thought-out UI/UX plays center stage. This trend has a lot in common with the native app development one. A flawless user experience becomes important because the customers are used to almost perfect digital experiences and are unwilling to opt for less. The modern market is highly competitive, and it is easy for a user to find a product that will meet the standard. And that will always be a UX-led solution.

Final words

This editorial focused on the most promising software development trends that will dominate the global market in 2022 and beyond.  Does it mean every entrepreneur in the world should adopt all of them at once? Not really.


There are many other IT trends out there. And some of them may work for your specific business even better. So the best way to find the perfect balance here is to explore, experiment, and innovate.  People are no longer afraid of technology. Society is ready to embrace things that will make their lives better and more comfortable. So don’t let your business be the one that was left behind! Go for it!

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