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Text Effects- it is a great opportunity to realize your creative aspiration, turning a text into an original and unique masterpiece, enriched with unusual forms, colors and shapes. Creation of beautiful and effective text will help you to reflect your mood and to show all nice shades of text meaning or to make clear its hidden idea. Inscriptions made in different styles will be a good decoration and supplement to any design and context, transforming your work into a unified whole, where each word has its own peculiarity. Text Effects will easily become your usual way of expressing your thoughts, emotions and ideas.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Text
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Gold, Silver and Bronze Text

3 different text effects - gold, silver and bronze 1. Make a new image, ours is 350 x 100 px - with a transparent background 2. grab the Text tool, set the size to 40 and the font to Verdana - in Bol...

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