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Corel Draw-it is your chance to create a unique masterpiece, original and distinctive, bright and outstanding, impressive and memorable. If you are sure that you have what to tell others and the best way for this- is art, then Corel Draw will be your shortest way for finding right images and colors that will express your message better than any word. Corel Draw- is a graphic vector editor that will carry out this task in a proper way, helping you to reveal your nature and potential through different suitable operations, used as a totality of artistic tricks, and creating the very result you were eager to get. Corel Draw- will help you to share your thoughts and ideas with others, involving them in a wonderful world of creativity.

Drawing Buildings in CorelDraw (Exclusive Tutorial)
in CorelDraw
Drawing Buildings in CorelDraw (Exclusive Tutorial)

<span>Editor's Pick in Vector Graphics, April 2005</span><br/>I noticed that at Template Monster designers frequently use illustrations in business templates, and decided to draw something similar of my own. I chose a business center as an example. The methods which I will use in this tutorial........

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