3D Gold Logo Effect in Corel Draw

Step 1

Draw circle with ellipse tool.

image 1

Step 2

Draw two same objects with rectangle tool (just duplicate first:ctrl+D)

image 2

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Step 3

Select all objects and convert to curves CTRL+Q

image 3

Step 4

Select all objects and in the property bar use Intersect option.

image 4

Step 5

Delete rectangle object out of circle

image 5

Step 6

Take Shape tool in toolbox

image 6

Step 7

Select one of two shape objects and use option Convert line to curve in property bar.

image 7

Step 8

With cursor double click on center of the straigh �???�??�?� line and move like in picture below

image 8

Step 9

Repeat same with second object.

image 9

Step 10

With text tool tipe one text symbol, and put him in the center of circle. (Select circle and symbol and press C then E)

image 10

Step 11

Select two shaping objects and symbol without circle.

image 11

Step 12

Use Weld option in property bar.

image 12

Step 13

This is effect you must get.

image 13

Step 14

Go in tool bar and take option fountain fill

image 14

Step 15

In Fountain fill tool you have option Presets. Take Gold plated effect.

image 15

Step 16

This is gold effect you must get.

image 16

Step 17

In Tool box select Extrude tool

image 17

Step 18

From center of gold object move with cursor like in picture below.

image 18

Step 19

Select circle behind gold object and again in fountain fill use baby effect. Replace color with color you want. In this case black and sky blue.

image 19

Step 20

This is your Gold Inicial Logo.

3D Gold Logo Effect in Corel Draw

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