How to Create a 3D Effect in Corel Draw

We’ve already talked about creating 3D effect in Photoshop, but Corel Draw is also a great tool worth mentioning. So, why don’t you try to make something three dimensional there? If you don’t know how, here is a guide.

Step 1

Create a new file - your paper size should be A2. Find the Text Tool which is located to the left and choose the font you like the most.


Type your text on a blank page. If you need to discard the font spacing, use the combination of Alt+A+B.

Step 2

Now you need to turn your text into an object. It can be done by pressing Ctrl+Q. After doing so, click the Weld tool on the top bar.


Step 3

What we need to do now is to outline our text. The Contour tool will help us with that.


Choose the Outside Curve contour type and pick the colors you want.

Step 4

What you need to do now is to add some perspective to your text. Just click Add Perspective in the Effect folder (you will find it in the toolbar on the top). Drag your perspective points until you find the position you like.


Step 5

If you want to make a 3D text you need your outline to be separated from the text. To do so, select Break Contour Group Apart which is located in the Arrange option.


Go back to the left toolbar, click on the outline and choose the Interactive Extrude Tool, which looks like this:


Now you can drag the outline in any direction you want. It’s up to you which numbers you’ll apply, but these values will make your text look more “3D”:


Here is my result:


Step 6

Select the text and go back to the tool box. In the Fountain Fill Tool select the option called Custom fill and choose the Linear type.


Make color by clicking on the point in the beginning of the color window. The Gradient Angle should be 270, that’s how the 3D effect will be more noticeable.


Step 7

Repeat the same with the Front Extrude Object, except this time your Gradient Angle will be 322 and the Edge pad’s value should be changed to 7%.

Step 8

Do the same with the Back Extrude Object, but keep your Gradient Angle on -40 (the Enge pad remains 7%).

Step 9

Copy and paste your object just like any other text - press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Add black color to the writing and press Ctrl+PgDn - it will bring your text back.

Step 10

Now we’re going to make your text glow. To do so, you need to select the first symbol - in my case it’s number 3. So, pick your symbol and look for the Transparency Tool in the left toolbar.


Drag your cursor until you’re satisfied with the result.

Step 11

Repeat the previous step for each symbol of your object.


Step 12

If you want to add some shadows to your text, all you need to do is click on Drop Shadow in the left toolbox and manage the shadows with your mouse.


A few minutes of work and you’ll get something like this:


Success! Now you can easily create 3D texts, which can be useful when creating or refreshing websites.

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