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3d Effect in Corel Draw CorelDraw May 22, 2009

Step 1

Tipe txt on blank page and convert to curves: Ctrl+Q.

image 1

Step 2

Select Extrude toll in tollbox:

image 2

Step 3

Make 3d effect with extrude toll by moving cursor.

image 3

Step 4

In property bar select option extrude rotation.

image 4

Step 5

In property bar select option extrude rotation.

image 5

Step 6

Take pick tool, put cursor on black background in txt, click wright buton on mouse and select Break Extrude Group Apart. Then select all objects and press ctrl+G to group all.

image 6

Step 7

Back to the tool box and select interactive envelope tool.

image 7

Step 8

Select txt, point cursor on the beginning of the text, hold shift and move up or down.

image 8

Step 9

Go back in tool box. In otion Fill select option fountain fill.

image 9

Step 10

In Option fountain fill select Custom. Make color by clicking on the point in beginning of the color window. More clickin more color you get.

image 10

Step 11

In this case we have 3 colors, first is Cian or  R 0, G 147, B 221, second is White, third is Sky Blue or R 0, G 124, B 195 and in the end again White. Make the same color schelude.

image 11

Step 12

Repeat same with black background of the 3d text. With the color Black, Cian, Black, Black, White. From the left to the right.

image 12

Step 13

Make background with rectangle tool. Put background in the behind of 3D EFFECT, (ctrl + page down)

image 13

Step 14

Open Fountain fill. Select Custom. Select Tipe Conical
Angle 90.0
Make fill with color 50% black- white-10%black-white

image 14

Step 15

Select 3D effect txt and go on tollbox. Select option drop shadow.

image 15

Step 16

Make shadow way with cursor.

image 16

Step 17

Put cursor on shadow and click right buston on the mouse. Select break drop shadow group apart.

image 17

Step 18

Double click on shadow make to rotate. Rotate shadow and centered below the text.

image 18

Step 19


3D Effect in Corel Draw

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