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Expanding Pattern Fills

aiVault Adobe Illustrator Jun 30, 2008

Recently while creating some filled letterings i was faced this problem of Expanding the fill properly. Patterns and swatches are so useful when you have appropriate and good ones at hand . Here is a simple method which will expand these patterns clearly and edge to edge here is an example of how swatch expanded looks like…

image 1

Obviously this is not my target , i want clean cut out lettering with my fill…!

  1. Go to Expand and expand Fill
  2. Right click and Ungroup
  3. Use Pathfinder "Divide" tool

Here is what i get… A clearly cut out patterned Letter.

image 2

As my aim was to create a patterened letters set i Recorded the Actions and then the game was all about press of a button!

image 3

Expanding Pattern Fills

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