Site Maintenance SE Optimization Websites and How They are Ranked by Google

Websites and How They are Ranked by Google


In this age where everything is online, you also need to be online if you wish to run a business or maintain a social presence. Unfortunately, having just a website isn’t enough. You can be a pro at making really nice websites but in the end, you’ll have to submit to a few rules made by the search engines that rank all the sites on the internet. Without following these rules, you can’t expect a lot of traffic even when your website design is marvelous. So, let’s take a look and understand how search engines rank websites so you can optimize yours accordingly.

Design and Structure:

In order to be ranked by search engines,a site is required to present its niche and stay with it until the end. You can’t expect to run a travel blog and post about phone tracker without making a clear-cut connection about how it is connected with traveling. Think of the search engines as real-life judges that are basing their opinion about you on the sole basis of how your site interacts with a human. Your site needs to be graphically engaging. That means that the content that you put up there needs to be illustrated through infographics that make it easier for everyone to understand.Having a good grip at the content was a good tactic at first but now, if your content is not engaging enough to keep your audience on your webpage, you are going to take a hit in the search engine ranking system. Your site will go down the list of search results.

Just like a supermarket, it can be difficult to navigate through a huge site with lots of sections and pages in it. These sites are difficult to explore for many people; therefore, search engines and their crawlers are very strict in ranking these. Your site needs to have a neat URL structure that clearly illustrates where the visitor of the site is. The URL needs to be simple and self-explanatory so that any normal person can understand the address they’re on.

Content Management:

If you wish to generate a lot of traffic to your site, then you should choose the niche and content carefully. The content should not only allure the audience but also engage them. Search engines like Google are ranking sites based on user interaction and engagement. There are a lot of factors at work like the traffic generated spends exactly how much time on your site and how many of these generic impressions or reaches are bouncing off of your site. These are some of the things that you should work with. Make the content interactive and engaging to the point that visitors spend a lot of time and are captivated enough to keep going forward by clicking on the backlinks and embedded links you have on your site. Links are essentials for making a website rank higher on search engines.


Your site is your presentation. Make it exclusively engaging. Make it clean and make it simple. You can get hits for not engaging your audience the way you’re supposed to and therefore, you’ll be paying for hosting a site that is not going to be driving customers or traffic.

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