Miscellaneous What Is Live Chat Session and How Does It Work For Your Online Business

What Is Live Chat Session and How Does It Work For Your Online Business

A live Chat session is an online customer care service which enables customers to reach out to the customer care representatives so that their concerns are quickly resolved. It is an instant communication mode in which chat boxes pop up on the screen after selection.

A quick response from the other end and multitasking facilities have made chat seasons more popular nowadays. Positive effects of installing live chat software are somehow leading to profits and are thus gaining popularity amongst businessmen. Live chat sessions have allowed the processes to blend with the fast approaching digital life as well.

A live chat session deals with the customers in a quick but hassle-free way. It is effective to deal with a customer during an online transaction in the following way-

  • Use of canned messages - A professional conversation within a chat never contains any short forms. So while responding to the customer, if the whole sentence is to be typed, again and again, response rates would go higher and harm customer experience. Canned messages of various formats can be used to solve this issue.
  • Chat transfer facility - A single customer care executive is not supposed to know every detail about the product/process. So whenever required, an agent may transfer the chat to the respective person who has expertise in that field.
  • Providing a transcript of the chat to the customer - In most cases, the customer forgets to keep a proof copy of the conversation. To meet customer demands, there is an option to send a transcript of the talk via e-mail.
  • Pre-chat survey - A pre-chat survey provides information about customer's concerns before starting the chat. This sets a direction for the chat and in turn, helps to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Chat records - The chat box that pops up has the records to keep the agent proactive on the type of issue he/she will be dealing with, to help the customer.
  • Post chat survey - A survey after the chat gets you feedback regarding customer satisfaction and areas of improvement. It would also help the organization to take necessary action to improve themselves.
  • Positioning - A chat button should always be placed on the page where the products are exhibited. This enables the customers to multitask, viewing the product characteristics and at the same time, further information about the product.
  • Knowledge gain from chats -The chat transcripts can be kept for information. These chat records act as FAQ’s for further dealings and can be used for training purposes for newcomers.

A comparatively cheaper way to assist customers, today’s businessmen are rushing to initialize live chat sessions after installation of live chat software. Where there is a chance of any sort of communication gap occurring between both parties, thereby impacting customer experience, the chat sessions make sure that things do not turn difficult. This makes expression much more genuine and added an ability for the organization to act on feedback or understand the issue.

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