What's the simplest way to estimate the budget to redesign a website?

Like a talented storyteller, the look of your website tells the visitors about your brand's values, attitude to customers, and atmosphere in the company and its self-esteem. By these colors and font, size of buttons, and position of sliders, customers read your invisible message to them and catch its sense. If all the elements are modern and attractive, and the structure is well-thought in a way to make navigation blazing, it transfers to customers feeling that you take care of them. And otherwise, when irritation, confusion, and embarrassment are the constant emotions to accord the visitor, the chances to engage him with the service tend to zero.

redesign a website

So, there is a connection between perceiving the image of your website and effortless navigation and the growth curve of income. If someone doesn't stay in the app for more than several seconds or doesn't reach target actions, it says the design can't satisfy current users' needs and expectations. To fix this problem, you have to assess the situation around visual presentation and usability of the service and decide which alterations it requires.

How much does it cost to redesign a website? The number and complexity of changed features condition the answer to the question: the more hours specialists polish its visual part and reinvent website architecture, the bigger the sum in the bill.

Which are the signals pushing you to redesign a website?
  1. Statistics and analytics eloquently testify that your website is losing potential clients during their navigation through it. If there's no growth or the project, the visitors don't find the desired goods and services, or they leave their carts without paying, it's time to find out why and fix it.
  2. Customers can forgive you an old-fashioned look of the website if the functionality is fine, but this attitude isn't endless. You're at risk that the competitors offer the same functionality with a catchy and fancy interface, and it can entail leaking to the public. The only way to prevent it is to redesign a website on time.
  3. In the battle for unsurpassed usability, your product isn't a leader, and customers often have to ask for help when they try to use selected features. The only treatment is to give them more comfort: redesign a website, bearing in mind intuitive availability and user convenience in the first place.
  4. Apart from the broken inner logic of the website, the poor SEO metrics, slow loading, errors, etc. are the indicators the product needs help from qualified specialists.

If you have noticed any of these signs, it's a reasonable idea to discuss the workability and condition of your website with experts. The consultation can shed light on the pain points that can be improved in order to make your customers happy. And these changes can't help impact the revenue of your business favorably.

Underwater rocks on the way to redesign a website

There's no magic wand to renew a look of the digital services just in three seconds and for free. But every dollar you invest in a better look and usability of the website should bring your business positive shifts. More visitors, more conversions, more income streams…

Before starting to redesign a website, it's essential to define where the intervention is necessary and what is working as needed. And separate one from another. Make changes only there where it's absolutely required, and don't touch the part which works smoothly. It will save the budget and time, and it won't let you destroy what's good on the website.

Three steps to achieve the goal
1. Research and assessment of the scale of work

As we mentioned above, the starting point is to assess clearly which changes should be implemented in order to redesign a website and make it more user-friendly. Would it be only alterations in the graphical interface or some new features or changes in their order and location required? Depending on the number of hours experts have to devote to your project, they charge a sum that can swing from several hundred dollars to infinity.

2. Budgeting and timeframe determination

Since you know exactly what you intend to receive, apply the data to calculate the project cost and how long it will take. For example, you need to renew some images and illustrations on the website, pursuing a more fashionable look and faster uploading.

The experts have estimated that it will take about 200 hours. You multiply this number by the hourly rates in the company and see how much it will cost to redesign a website. For example, at Purrweb, the hourly rates are $50, and this project will cost $10,000 respectively. But if the hourly rates are $100 or $150, you can double or triple the price for this scale of work.

3. Entrusting work to the selected agency and tracking the results

After the timeline and cost is determined, it's time to get over to the next stage: implementation of the required changes. Thanks to the PM, communication is organized on an effective level, and you can check the samples of style at early periods. As the sample designs are agreed upon, the team dives into work and aligns all the elements to the selected style, and tests their functionality.

website redesign
Where to find the appropriate experts?
1. Freelance marketplaces

Targeting to save the budget, you can get into the trap of supposing that separate freelancers can be not as costly as a professional agency, but you can count on an appropriate result. The point is the fairness of this approach depends on the scale of alterations you want to see implemented. If there are only minimal changes in the visual part of the website, an experienced UI designer can live up to your expectations. But if the work presupposes a bigger scale, it makes sense to select a full cycle UI/UX design agency that honed its skills to redesign a website on different levels.

2. Professional UI/UX design agencies

To implement new features or change the order of features, create a new logic for customer's journey, to hire a fully staffed team with established processes feels more promising. The guys can demonstrate amazing results due to an all-around approach to the issue: icons, illustrations, animation, relocation of buttons, modules, and sliders, development of new features, and testing of added functionality. To redesign a website effectively, they can organize a brainstorming session and achieve a synergistic effect.

3. In-house IT departments

As for in-house teams, it can be even more expensive than a UI/UX design agency since it entails a range of additional expenses: taxes, sick leaves etc. Searching for a better ratio between price and quality, it's worth noting that a new in-house team doesn't have enough experience in cooperation and solving similar problems. The lack of organizational skills and insufficient expertise of employees threatens the efficiency of work.

To wrap up

If you feel any hesitation concerning redesign a website, discuss your doubts with experienced specialists. Based on their professional outlook, the guys are able to help you manage delusions and misconceptions. They will give you hints on how to change your product in a way to make it more attractive outwardly and more interactive and user-friendly internally. And that is the only way to make your customers have a crush on what you're going to offer them.

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