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How To Add An Instant Banner To Brand Your WordPress Site Quickly

riyasherin Wordpress Nov 08, 2011

A real appealing banner ad creates effective brand awareness and enhances traffic generation for your website. Making good banner designs with animation effects and real designs that express the potential of your services is a brilliant marketing technique. A banner design more than Run-of-the-mill layout will have long lasting impacts on the visitors and attract more attention. Ensure that you are not overdoing the design to catch the visitor’s attention. An enticing look and readable text preferably information on your products will increase conversion.


The banner plugin helps creating amazing banner ads in few clicks. There are ample of providers of banner maker software for various CMS in the web. I have chosen a banner plugin from Apptha, as I deal with a WordPress site. The banner plugin is brilliant and very much easier to install. If it’s your first time in creating a banner, simply download from follow the following steps and create a banner ad for website in no time.

Step 1

How to install the Banner Plugin

After downloading the wordpress banner plugin, you can install the plugin in two ways. Either you can upload the file via your FTP or your install through Wordpress back end. Here again, Wordpress allows two ways of installing your plugin. You can add the package by selecting the downloaded package through search option or Click Upload link and choose the downloaded file from our PC


You will reach the installing page as shown below. You can activate the Plugin either here


Or Go to “Plugins” in the Dashboard, choose the downloaded plugin and “Activate” it. You will get a success message as shown below.


You have successfully installed the banner plugin.

Step 2

Banner Style Settings

Once the plugin is activated, you will get to see the default banner styles (five banner styles in the chosen plugin) in the Plugin. You can find the banner plugin setting on the bottom in the Side menu. Certain Plugin allows to upload own logo or remove the default logo only by applying the license key which requires plugin purchase.


Step 3

Upload/Edit Images

By clicking the “Upload and Edit” Tab, You will be taken to a page as shown below. Here you can upload all the required banner images simultaneously and insert them at one shot. A Quick Edit option will help to update banner title, Description and target URL for each image which will display in the front-view


Ensure that you add images with the size similar to the banner style dimension for better display.

The Style Settings Tab enables to change the style settings such as Font Settings, Dimensions, Color Settings and Thumb over Settings. Refer the below screen shot.


Step 4

After applying the style settings, place the banner code

<?php if (function_exists('apptha_banner')) { apptha_banner(); } ?> in the header file to bring the banner plugin display in the front end. Follow the steps shown in the screen shot.


After installation, addition of photos and style settings, your banner will be displayed with the thumbnails in the front end as below.


With just few clicks, you have successfully enhanced your WordPress site with an attractive banner. Elegant looking images that reflects your business/service when uploaded as banner images bestows a dainty site resulting in driving traffic and leads. Hope the tutorial was informative!!

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