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WordPress vs. Blogger: 10 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Own Blog

StacySummers Wordpress Jun 19, 2012

So, you've decided to create your own blog.

The first problem (or question) on your way is choosing a right blog hosting service. There are a wealth of blogging services out there ... and you should make the right choice. Of course, you want a superior platform for your invaluable blog. Moreover, you don't want to spend a lot of money or efforts.

At this rate, I can suggest you two perfect blogging platforms - WordPress and Blogger. They are both great, used widely and you can find a big piece of information about each of them. But the question is still open. Wordpress or Blogger? I'll try to help you solve this problem.

The only way to find out what kind of platform you need is to compare all its features. Below you'll find a huge list of characteristics. If i've missed something do not hesitate to add it in comments.

Free or paid?

Blogger: Blogger is 100% free: a domain name (, a hosting (on, themes and a free access to HTML code. As for me, it is the best platform for a newbie where he can learn to post, work with different applications, widgets, feeds and many others. Later you can switch to Wordpress with the help of WordPress Import feature.

WP: Wordpress provides a free hosting on There are some free themes with a capability of minor customization. You should pay some amount in order to transfer an existing domain, but you also can use a free domain name in the following format:



Blogger's setup is simple while WordPress's myriad options can bring the newbie to despair.

Google is the owner of Blogger. That is why you'll need a Google account for registration. If you already have it, you should do only one thing - choose the name that will be displayed on your blog. Easy, isn't it?

WP: Signing up is easy in case you are happy with the initial design. WP is a powerful tool for developers, you can customize your blog in a way you like: the number of WP's features and options is endless. But it may be difficult, especially for a beginner.

Adding a content

Blogger is simpler to use. For adding new content you should use only simple buttons and navigation. Wordpress has the Dashboard that offers plenty of tools -- more powerful ones. So it is the best solution for anyone who wants more advanced content-adding features in his blog.

Social networking

As expected Wordpress offers more features for more advanced users. You can automatically send messages to social networking services with links to your latest blog post. At the same time Blogger is easy, intuitive, friendly, but a bit primitive (as always).


Site management

WP is the undisputed winner in this category. With WP you can create polls, ratings for individual posts, you can detect what is more often used to contact with your site: mobile or computer. Blogger's site-management tools are basic and I didn't find there any special functions.

Traffic management

Because Google is the owner of Blogger, you can count on instant indexing of your blog. Also you can use the Google AdSense to earn some money.

Wordpress provides a huge list of widgets and tools to customize your blog. You can see the most popular posts, how many spam comments have been removed, you can block your site from Google and so on.

Image Storage

The storage space of Blogger is 1 GB. Bad news - there are no interfaces to browse all uploaded images. More on prices here.

Now it's WPs turn to be simple and understandable. You can easily upload, edit and paste images. Also it is not a hard task to add links and change the size of image. Moreover, Wordpress has 3GB of storage space.


Wp has a cool plugin for spam filtering (Akismet). Also you can change the rules of commenting and formatting. Blogger has a terrible standart commenting system ! But you can set up commenting rules too.


WP has a professional support system. They will answer to your email in 24 hours. At the same time Bloggers support system isn't so well.

Wordpress vs. Blogger infographic

Everybody knows that the graphical material is perceived better than text. That's why I've found a nice infographic for you called Wordpress vs. Blogger. The author has described all the advantages and disadvantages of these blogging platforms in a simply way.


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Hope, you've found this material useful. In conclusion I want to tell you my own opinion. Blogger is a perfect solution for you if you never tried any blogging software. It is very simple, user friendly and more intuitive than Wordpress. But if you are serious about your blogging, than choose WP and use all its features.


Stacy Summers

Hello, I'm Stacy Summers. I want to show you amazing web things and hope you will love them just like me. If you have any questions, please contact me via email ([email protected]) or visit my Facebook page.

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