Miscellaneous Software Reviews FlashMoto Flash CMS - The Perfect CMS Backend for Flash websites

FlashMoto Flash CMS - The Perfect CMS Backend for Flash websites

Flash websites have always been more attractive and appealing comparing to static web pages. With Flash you can do more, not just only displaying images or video. You can create stunning visual experience and offer your visitors incredible user interaction.

Flash is a perfect medium if you want to create a dynamic striking and creative website or to present your multimedia content (especially images) in the most unusual way.

If you are working with Flash sites and building them from scratch day by day, working with Flash, exporting the SWF, uploading it to the server, testing it, and repeating every time you change any little thing is very time consuming and frustrating at times. Moreover, Flash websites require knowledge of Flash, Actionscript, HTML, etc. And newbies can easily fail.

But all these things are in the past, as Flash developers have already seen to it and provided the end users and web masters with the powerful Flash CMS (Flash content management system).

What is FlashMoto Flash CMS?

FlashMoto is an advanced Flash content management system that provides all necessary tools and built-in components for fast and easy Flash website management. It allows users to update text, images and SWFs directly on a live Flash site.

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FlashMoto Features and Benefits

FlashMoto is a modular, extensible and flexible Flash CMS. It is exactly what the Flash community was lacking before. At the moment FlashMoto is the first flash content management system based on ActionScript 3 and realized as Rich Internet Application (RIA) on Flex.

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1. FlashMoto allows managing and controlling any Flash website. There are no restrictions in website design and animation. You may take advantage of FlashMoto CMS templates or create your own design following the FlashMoto requirements.

Note please, not any ready-made Flash template can be used with Flash Moto CMS. Before implementing it together with FlashMoto, you have to rebuild it.

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2. FlashMoto provides an ability to create unlimited number of pages, edit and delete them without any additional software or programming skills.

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3. No Flash IDE required. The Flash CMS is compatible with all major browsers.

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4. FlashMoto CMS is equipped with an advanced WYSIWYG page and pop-up editor that visualizes everything you are producing. If you have ever worked with Microsoft Word for example, you won't have difficulties working with this Flash website editor.

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5. The Rich Media Library. FlashMoto CMS allows uploading pictures, video, .SWF files.

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6. FlashMoto is equipped with Infomodule, Video & Image Gallery components that are extremely simple to maintain. The Flash image gallery component offers an original way of presenting bunch of images. The Flash Galleries impress with the splendid animation effects and pleasant sound accompaniment. Creating a slideshow gallery has never been easier, just upload your images, and add them to the gallery with a name. You can modify the slideshow effects as well.

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6. Video and MP3 Players components. FlashMoto CMS was developed with the advantage of video embedment. Using the free video hosting services such as YouTube, Google or Yahoo!, embedding a video doesn't require any software. You just need to copy the embed code from the video hosting site and using a convenient video embed tool paste it into your page.

You may also change the sound accompaniment of your website.

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7. Flash can finally be indexed which is a huge boon for Flash-driven sites. What's not so cool is having to manually edit a bunch of XML files. FlashMoto offers a great solution: all necessary SEO options and deep linking.

FlashMoto Flash CMS is organized and functioning in the way that Google entirely indexes your Flash website content. The thing is Flash sites built with FlashMoto have two versions:

- Flash version (seen by users);

- HTML version (seen by search engines and users who don't have Flash player).

Via FlashMoto control panel you may write unique, accurate HTML Titles, Meta descriptions and Keywords for all pages of your Flash site, provide user- and SEO-friendly URLs, set NoFollow/NoIndex tags, provide titles, descriptions and alternative texts for images, etc.

Moreover, via FlashMoto Flash CMS you can easily integrate Google Analytics tool and Google Webmasters Tool. The last one will help you better control how Google interacts with your website.

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8. You have an ability to develop your own modules as separate SWF applications and build them into a site and control panel to improve FlashMoto CMS functionality.

9. FlashMoto is multilingual software. You may create content in any language. For this you only need to upload your font via Font Creator from FlashMoto. The control panel can be switched to any language you need.

10. The last but not the least. FlashMoto offers a stunning collection of Flash CMS Templates that embody the most effective methods of putting form and content together. The CMS for Flash is already integrated into these Flash CMS designs.

FlashMoto Flash CMS - The Perfect CMS Backend for Flash websites

If you are a Flash Developer, you`ll be excited with the following features:

  • Powerful ActionScript 3.0 API
  • Set of basic modules (dropdown menu, gallery, contact form, mp3 player)
  • The Flash CMS is easy to use for your clients.

Here is what FlashMoto should be used for:

  • It IS for building very fast, and very interactive Flash websites out of the box.
  • It IS for people and businesses that want a flash site, but have no idea where to start.
  • It IS for freelancers that just want a nice, sleek portfolio for their work.
  • It IS for everyone that wants a simple flash site solution that is easy to manage.

Summing everything up, FlashMoto is a very well designed rich internet application. It can be seen from two sides: as a control panel (aimed at the end users) and as a website engine/backend (with its API; aimed at flash developers). So, if you are about to create a professional Flash CMS website, FlashMoto is the best solution for you.

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