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Give your project a good start in life. Never leave without a Good Brief.
As our Internet browsers become more sophisticated, they can offer us more and more. And with Web Stores growing all the time, extensions are transforming the way we do everything from browse the World Wide Web, to develop a website.
You're a pro designer and you think that you're not supposed to care about grammar and stuff like that because it has nothing to do with your professional skills. Is that what you think about all that proper English jazz? Don't take it personal, but you're dead wrong guys.
The review of free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editor (IDE) - Codelobster PHP Edition
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Have you heard about microstock? Did you think about selling your images that way. No matter what you are: designer or photographer. Microstock is the most quick-growing way to earn money.
The command line can be rather intimidating to some developers, particularly those coming from a design background who may be used to GUIs, but fear not, the command line is your friend
In this post you will learn how to protect your photos, videos and other content on Facebook
Best smartphone apps for web designers - various mobile apps that can make web designer's life easier