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  Miscellaneous Software Reviews (73 materials)

PHPFOX Review - Social Networking Software

Editor's Pick of December, 2008
PHPFOX 1.6 offers incredible social networking software for building an online community. This is review of PHP FOX's software.

Merchant Metrix Review - Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Editor's Pick of November, 2008
This is review of Merchant Metrix's software. US-based support and easy to understand interface is indeed something that small business owners would be interested in.

Amara Flash Intro and Banner Builder

Editor's Pick of September, 2008
Enrich your web design with flash-driven elements made with an easy-to-use software. Its free version is great for playing around to see the benefits.

Valuing a Dollar – the most cost effective CMS

Bitrix Site Manager may seem unassuming, but underneath this CMS lays a fantastic algorithm that drives this CMS' performance over almost all other existing CMS applications out there. It's most definitely the most cost effective Content Management system today.

Amara Flash Slideshow Builder

As one of Amara Software's most popular Flash tools, its Photo Slideshow Builder is an affordable and easy-to-use application that lets you create image slideshows in a variety of configurations.

Using Keyword Elite For Building a Massive Keyword List

When I first started doing keyword research for building niche keyword lists, I turned to Overture. With Overture, I could freely type in a keyword and it would generate a list of up to 100 keywords that contained the one I typed in. The problem occured when I wanted to build a list of thousands.

An Overview of CSS in Dreamweaver 8

Editor's Pick in Software Reviews, July 2006
If you are new to CSS and how it works in Macromedia Dreamweaver then this is the tutorial for you. You will get a good overview of how it works and what it entails.

Capturing Video And Audio Streams How-To

Streaming media is taking the Internet over - online radio, news, digital videos, podcasts, webcasts are just going to grow. Find out what tools you need to capture streaming audio and video so you can replay it later.

Flash 8 Review (Exclusive Article)

Editor's Pick in Software Reviews, December 2005
This article presents a detailed description of the amazing effects, which the new Flash version offers. Looks like Flash is getting closer to Photoshop...

Style and Substance in Flash 8

Because a large portion of our Web application user interface is done in Flash, we here at Cafe ID took special interest in official announcement of Flash 8 by Macromedia.