Miscellaneous Software Reviews HDD Crash -How to Prevent, How to Backup

HDD Crash -How to Prevent, How to Backup

It's not a question whether you'll ever lose your data - it's rather when it'll happen. Just imagine that all your important files, photos, videos, and music are lost! In our age of information crashing of a hard drive is a terrible thing.

In case you haven't any backup, you probably forgot the cardinal rule of computing: " All hard drives eventually fail". What will you do in this situation?

Panic! Run for your life!

I'm kidding of course, but HDD crash is a significant problem which sooner or later will knock on your door and you should know what to do and how to protect yourself. There are two reasons of HDD crash: physical and logical failures. While you can't easily access your data you may think that it doesn't matter what kind of crash you have. But it is wrong! The first thing you should do is to know exactly what is the cause of the crash.

Logical or Physical Hard Drive Failure

Physical failure is the worse variant of crash. To fix this problem, you'll spend lots of money and time. It caused by a power irregularity, a plain "old age" or an impact or fall when the drive is running.

Logical Failure is an unpleasant issue but it is relatively easy to solve because your drive should be still recognized by your BIOS. Why it happens? The most common reason is viruses and the deletion of an important file.

hdd crash

How to protect yourself?

How to protect yourself from the terrible consequences of HDD crash? The superman, which will save us from this problem is named cloud storage - the way to backing up your priceless digital files on the Web. At the same time choosing the right place for your precious information can be your worst nightmare because the variety of cloud storage services is impressive.

Today I want to walk you through the most reliable, cozy and convenient services which you can use for backuping.

MyPCBackup is a small desktop application that will backup all your photos, music, emails, videos and documents to the cloud. So if the HDD crashes, you can access your files at any time from any device.


Livedrive creates your personal storage space on the Internet. This service is unlimited, secure and you can see your files on the web, iPhone, iPad and Android. Livedrive provides automatically backup all of your computers online for just $7.95 per month

SugarSync offers free access to your data at any time and from anywhere. Good news - the first 5 GB of space are free. Price: 30 GB is $4.99 per month. 60 GB is $9.99 per month. 100 GB is $14.99 per month. And 250 GB is $24.99 per month.


Mozy is a safe, secure, and affordable online backup solution. They have a variety of packages for different kinds of customers: for Home, for Business and for Enterprise. Every package has detailed instructions on how it works.Mozy is a is friendly cloud service with high usability..

SOS online backup is one of the frequently recommended online backup solutions. It also provides two kinds of packages: SOS for Home and SOS for Business, has a free trial and 24 Hours / Monday through Friday support.

Dropbox is a free cloud storage service that has an excellent slew of apps for various operating systems. Pros: 2GB free space, file-sharing, dependable servers.


IBackup has a huge list of products: IBackup for Windows, for Mac, for iPhone, IBackup Drive, SQL Server Backup, Exchange Server Backup and so on. Prices range from $9.95 to $299.95 per month (depends on the storage space). Support is available from Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST .

Keep It supplies simple, secure and automatic online backup. You can choose the business plan that will meet your needs best (Keepit PRO for desktops - $14.95 / month; Keepit PRO for servers - from $49.00 / month). Also you can try the free 30 day trial :)

Backblaze is a really easy to use cloud service. It costs only $5 per month, but its price can be even $3.96 per month (for 2 years). You download a tiny application. This app automatically finds all your data and securely encrypts them.

More advice:

  • The removable external hard disk drive can be a great solution for you! Yep, will not help in force majeure incidents like fires or floods, but in any case it is almost free way to save your data.
  • Evernote for notes! For those of us who take a lot of notes this resource is a great choice. The synced, paperless and fail proof environment to store your ideas.
  • Nozbe - planning system on the cloud base. It also synced and will be in a great use if an HDD failure will catch you.
  • One more piece of advice- you should always backup your bookmarks. Make your Internet surfing safe from computer breakdown.

Situation: your HDD crashed and you haven't any backup

In conclusion let's talk about the most terrible situation. Imagine that your hard drive crashed. What if you need files that were created or modified after the last backup? Or what if you haven't any backup at all.

Keep calm!

There are no hopeless situations! You can still recover data from your crashed hard drive. The freeware utility PC Inspector File Recovery will be your savior! Visit this detailed guide on how to use it even when your hard drive will not boot: How to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Drive.

HDD crashed

In a nutshell, you can't avoid an HDD crash, but you can minimize its impact. And the easiest way to protect yourself from the effects of an HDD failure is backing up your stuff on a daily basis.

Backup, before you wish you had!


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