Car Repainting

Globator Color Management Aug 28, 2006

Original photo (I took a picture of my first car- it's like first love :0)):

image 1

Here is a result (you can choose any color you want):

image 2

Press D on your keyboard, so we could get default foreground and background colors.

This time we gonna use very powerful tool for selection- Quick Mask. You can simply press on Q on your keyboard or choose Quick Mask button:

image 3

Double click on Quick Mask button to get to tool's options. Choose Selected Areas, so our selected areas will be in pink.

image 4

Now choose Brush tool, set it's size to 5-10 pixels and choose all the areas that you want to repaint.

image 5

If you have selected too much(i got too much of a headlight)- don't worry, simply choose Eraser tool, and erase unwanted areas.

Make sure that you foreground and background colors are default black and white.

image 6

To select some small areas don't hesitate to use Zoom tool:

image 7

Finally all areas that we want to repaint are in pink.

image 8

Press Q on your keyboard, and you'll see such selection.

If you have some spots, press Q again and select them with Brush tool.

image 9

Press Ctrl+J, to duplicate layer via copy, and it's time to repaint our car!

Press Ctrl+D to deselect our selection. Image-Adjustments-Hue/Saturation.

In Hue/Saturation window click on Colorize, and choose any color you want.

I took yellow one:

image 2

Here you go! Got a different car!

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