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  Tutorials Photoshop Color Management (238 materials)

Color Management

Color ManagementColor Management -is a great opportunity to parse, manipulate and to convert color values. Playing and experimenting with colors and tints, you can reach different impressive effects, creating a certain mood and energy. By means of colors, their saturation, color range and balance you can send messages of different astonishing emotional nuances and to improve any image, corresponding your wish and desires .Color perception plays one of the most important roles in our life, having strong associative bonds with all aspects of our nature and previous experience, being able to wake different memories and feelings. Color Management will help you to make a new conception of an original characters and visions.

Monotone Poster Color Effect on an Image

In this tutorial you will learn how to create monotone poster color effect on an image

Color Blending Collection

Photo editing is one of the most popular category. If you want to change your photo or add some effects this tutorial for you!

Selective Color in Photoshop (Video Tuturial)

Changing individual portions of an image by using the selective color tools.

Photoshop Color Balance (Video Tuturial)

Using the color balance adjustment layer to adjust colors in images.

Photoshop Color Range Tool (Video Tuturial)

Using the color range tool in Photoshop to make accurate, local changes in your images

Old Photo Effect with Photoshop (Video Tutorial)

In this tutorial you will learn to turn an image into an old photo using this technique.

Fashion Victim - 3D Anaglyph Photoshop Tutorial

Make a glamour and somewhat bold artistic photo montage of a female model. Hue and Saturation adjustment techniques are covered and explained.

Understanding Color Profiles and Printing (Video Tutorial)

If you are frustrated with images that look bright on screen but dull when printed, watch this video to understand a bit about Color Profiles and Color Numbers.

Grayscale Photographs in Lightroom (Video Tutorial)

In this video tutorial you'll see how to convert a photo into an artistic black and white in Lightroom.

How to Use Color Balance

Some people use hue/saturation. Well, I'll show how its better to use color balance and show how its better looking in gfx backgrounds.