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How to Color a Sketch

1. Open a black and white picture and put is on the top of layer box, choose mode: Multiply and lock it

image 1

2. I have a pattern background and put it under layer 1

image 2

3. Use soft round brush, opacity 50%, mode: Multiply to paint the shadow of the background . You don't need to make it perfectly, regularly is okay ^_^

image 3

4. Paint the body of the girl: use soft round brush 100% . (Color #E5D0A4.). Paint all the body , after the painting , you use color #C49A65 to paint the shadow. And the color #B4672F for the dark in her body .You could paint the baby like her body , but you should put some red color to make it nature.

image 4

image 5

5. Her hair is easy to paint . first , I painted it with the brown color, if you don't like brown , you can choose black or red or something like that . But I think brown color is suitable for the background . You use color #7C2F04 to paint her hair .Use the dodge tool to make it lighter , use hard round to make the light in her hair . after that , you choose soft brush , Mode overlay , opacity 50% and yellow color for the lines in her hair. It will make her hair like sun silk and make the picture has more effect .

image 6

image 7

6. I painted her horn by deep red color and some line in this by staring red.

image 8

7. Background, multiply all the background layers

Create a new layer ,soft brush 50% and choose the color #493E1E , #75652E or any dark color you like to paint the background. You don't need to paint it carefully, take it easy , make the colors mix each other. I used some dark green in the top of background and the saffron in the end of background.

You create a new layer, choose mode overlay in layer box then use yellowish to make the light in stuff. I used the big soft brush to paint big piece of line , and use the hard brush to paint the line in background, that is like blood vessel.

image 9

image 10

image 11

image 12

image 13

image 14

8. Paint the baby. Use yellowish and green and some red color to blend each other

image 15

image 16

9. Pick the white color and use brush 100% to draw some line like...saliva ^_^

image 17

This is my final result:

How to Color a Sketch

I offer you this soft brush to paint this picture easier.

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