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  Tutorials Photoshop Photo Editing Adding an \"Angel\" Effect

Adding an "Angel" Effect

Aazn Photo Editing Mar 27, 2006

First open the image of your choice.

image 1

Then, Duplicate the image and set the mode to Overlay. Then flatten the image. It should look like this.

image 2

Duplicate the image again, and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Use a settings of around 4-5 pixels. You should end up something like this. Do not merge the layers.

image 3

Now, set the blurred layer to "Lighten". You should end up having a nice "angel" effect. Duplicate the blurry layer again and set the mode to screen for bright results.

image 4

Here are some more examples of what this tutorial will produce:

image 5

Adding an "Angel" Effect

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