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Anime Action Photo Editing Apr 21, 2005

Make action-packed scenes from your average pictures!

  • Open up a picture with a person or an indiviual in it;

    image 1

  • Duplicate the base-layer and delete the place that you need to focus on (note: i did the face);

    image 2

  • Depending on where your gap is, add a radial blur by going to FILTER>BLUR>RADIAL BLUR (note: click in teh field to change the blur-middle);

    image 3

  • Make both layers visible and add some lines with the line-tool;
  • Choose "Stroke Path" and click "Stimulate Pressure" (note: that way, it looks like the lines are moving);

    image 4

  • Change the blending-mode to "Overlay" and the opacity to about 25-50%, and you're done...!

    Anime Action
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