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Art House Film Poster Tutorial

In this tutorial I'll show you how to mimic the style of an art house film poster by simulating lo-fi photo effects, and some straight-forward text layouts.

First open a new document n Photoshop, 686 x 1020 mm.

For the base of our poster we need a suitably arty photo. Click on the image above to download the one I've used.

Download the photo to your desktop, then simply drag it into your file.

Use the Transform tools to resize the image as I have above.

Now add a Gradient adjustment layer, and make a 2 colour gradient using the colours shown.

Change the gradient layer's blending mode to Screen and its Opacity to 60%.

Now add another gradient layer, this time using a black to transparent gradient.

Set the layer's blending mode to Soft Light, and it's Opacity to 60%.

And now another gradient, this time white to transparent, and reversed.

Set it's Opacity to 80%.

Now we'll add some graininess to the image.

Add a new layer above all the others and call it 'grain'. Fill it with 50% Gray.

Go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise, and set the Amount to 100.

Set the grain layer's blending mode to Overlay, and it's Opacity to 5%.

Now add another Gradient adjustment layer, this time red to transparent.

Rasterize the Gradient layer by right-clicking and choosing Rasterize Layer.

Go to Edit>Transform>Warp, and squash down the gradient like I have above.

Set the layer's blending mode to Screen.

This gives a light-leak effect to the bottom of the image.

Now we can begin to add the text.

Make a text box across the bottom part of the poster where you want the film title. Use the Character settings that I've used above, and make sure you have the text centered.

For the actors names, add another text box and decrease the letter spacing. Select each name and align them to either the left or right, depending on which side they're positioned.

For the director's name, decrease the size of the text, and center it below the film title.

To finish off the poster we'll add some logo's.

You can click on the one's above to download them.

Drop the logo's into your poster, and use the transform tools to resize and position them as I have.

Rasterize the logos, invert them by going to Image>Adjustments>Invert, and change their blending modes to Screen.

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