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Artistic Shadow

Globator Photo Editing Nov 15, 2006

Original picture:

image 1

Result of this tutorial:

image 2

My best friend BCool gave me his picture for this tutorial. Open your picture in Adobe Photoshop. It should have enough room for the shadow:

image 1

First we should select the figure. Use Quick mask for that:

image 4

Double left click on the Quick mask icon to enter it's options. Make sure you have the same settings:

image 5

Take Brush tool image 6 and start to select the figure. Now it's all selected:

image 7

Press Q on your keyboard to exit Quick mask mode. If you have some unselected areas you just go to Quick Mask mode and fix it. If you have selected too much- erase it with Eraser tool.

image 8

Hit Ctrl+J on your keyboard to make a layer copy via cut. Then use Filter-Artistic-Paint Daubs Play around with settings until you like the results:

image 9

Your picture should look like this:

image 10

Press Ctrl+J again to make a layer copy via cut. If your layer window is closed, press F7.

image 11

In the layer window click on the first layer with the figure:

image 12

And press Ctrl+T on your keyboard. You can see our favorite transformation frame :0) :

image 13

Click on the indicated icon to keep constrain proportions and put 110%:

image 14

Place the bigger image to the best position so it'll look like a shadow, and hit Enter.

image 15

Image-Adjustments-Desaturate or press Shift+Ctrl+U:

image 16

Now click on the very first layer:

image 17

And go to Filter-Sketch-Halftone Pattern:

image 18

Here is my final result. You can add some text or play around with different filters for this effect scheme.

image 2

Good luck!

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