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Beautiful Snow Color Effect

In this tutorial i will show you a simple way to create a cool snow color effect.

Here is what we will be creating:

Stock :

1. Duplicate your pic. Apply image for Green channel:

It can create different tones depending on your pic. So i recommend if your pic background has many magenta, pink or purple, you should apply this step on blue channel. Green channel if youc pic has green, blue...tone. You best try to do it with different channel, and after this step, your pic tone should look similar like this:

2. Create a new selective color layer.

Use eraser to remove the effect on model. Make sure that you eraser on layer mask

Let play around with the parameters to let your pic look similar like this:

3. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E. Press CTrl+U to adjust hue/saturation. We will reduce the magenta remained on the pic. If your pic still has colored tone, just use this step to decolorize it, if not you can skip this step.

Then add a layer mask to eraser the model.

4. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E. Duplicate this layer. Choose this layer copy, press CTrl+Alt+~ to select bright areas of the pic:

Press Ctrl+L to adjust level:

Add a layer mask and use soft black brush ( opacity 49%, flow 58%) to eraser the model:

We have:

5. Now we will adjust tone and light. I create a new curves layer:

Then use eraser with opacity 15%, flow 29% on the model:

6. Add some cyan tone to create the "cold effect" of winter:
I recommend you to use color balance:

You can raise the blue tone if you like.

7. Create a new layer, choose fba3d7 to paint on her lips, set to color 100%

Then use fa9ba6 to paint on her skin, set to Color 30%
(brush used with opacity 46%, flow 57%)

8. Decorate it as you want. I add a new layer, if your pic has high contrast area, you can add snow by using soft white brush) but my pic has not so i add star brush to make the pic more sparkling :

To many pics, you just stop at step 4 to get the effect you want. Here are some results from different pics with using 4 first steps from this tut.

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