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Billie Joe Armstrong From Green Day Make Up

Hello, today we got something for all the punk rockers! we're going to make the Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day Make Up.

image 1

Step 1:

Choose the photo you want to use, the size or quality doesn't matter in this tutorial.

image 2

Step 2:

Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue / Saturation (or press Ctrl +U)

image 3

Step 3:

Modify the settings like the screenshot:

image 4

Or until the skin turns like this:

image 5

Step 4:

Now, select your brush tool with black foreground (#000000).

image 6

Press Ctrl + Shift + N ( to make a new layer ) call it "Eyes"

image 7

Now in your new layer paint the eyes like in the screenshot, remember to change the master diameter to make it fit into the eye - other way it will look estrange.

image 8

Now change your layer's opacity to: 80%

image 9

Step 5:

Make a new layer again (Ctrl + Shift + N) call it "Eyes 2"

Make your brush master diameter a little bit bigger, and fill again the eyes - like this:

image 10

Change the opacity to 50%.

image 11

So now, we got this:

image 12

Step 6:

Pick the Dodge Tool, for Range select Highlights and for exposure 50%.

image 13

Now make some highlights in the hair to get a wet effect:

image 14

Step 7:

Now, if your photo have light green eyes ignore this step, or make it lighter.

Make a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) call it Eye color.

Paint the eyes with a green color, we are using # 3b7d2d

image 15

Now change the blending mode to: Color Dodge

image 16

Alright! It will look like this:

image 17

Step 8:

In your brush tool menu, click the little arrow and choose the Thick Heavy Brushes:

image 18

Once you have the brushes choose the Rough Round Bristle.

image 19

Now make a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) call it back.

Choose a red color, we use # a50605, and make something like this:

image 20

Change the blending mode to: Darken

image 21

image 22

Now with the eraser tool, erase all the photo character.

image 23

Step 9:

Now, if you want the colors more like a green day photo.

Press Ctrl +Shift + E (to merge the layers) now press Ctrl + B (or go to image ? adjustments- color balance)

This settings are just a reference, just try to make a similar result.

image 24

Billie Joe Armstrong From Green Day Make Up

And finally we're done, hope you like the Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day Make Up.

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