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Blend Techniques With Layer Mask

Open a new file (1024x768) and prepare 3 images like this (put each image on one layer):

image 1

Open layer mask on Layer Center (which content the center image) by clicking its symbol:

image 2

Choose Brush Tool, foreground color is #000000 and set option like this picture:

image 3

Come back to layer mask of layer "center", use brush to make the image come through like this picture below:

image 4
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Continue to do it until the image looks good:

image 5
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Create Layer mask for the top layer (layer "Right"), use the same brushes to make it come through too. This is what you get:

image 6
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The Layers:

image 7

After using layer mask, choose Eraser Tool with brushes like this:

image 8

Choose the bottom layer, now use Eraser Tool to clear the border of image, this step will make it looks better:

image 9
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Continue with its top & bottom, now you get this:

image 10

After this step, choose Layer Center

image 11

Clear the top & bottom:

image 12

You will get this:

image 13
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Continue to clear with Layer Right, your result:

image 14
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Merge 3 layers together and name it "main". Make it be into Black & White (Desaturate) by press Ctrl + Shift + U.

Go to Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen to make it looks sharp.

Go to Layer > Adjustment > Level (or press Ctrl + L), and set option like this picture:

image 15

Duplicate layer Main twice and put them below layer Main, set opacity 23%. Move 1 layer to left and the other to right. You will get this result:

image 16

Open this texture and drag it into your file. Put it on the top and move wherever you like:

image 17
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Set texture into screen mode. Choose Elliptical marquee tool and set option:

image 18

Make a selection and erase unnecessary areas:

image 19
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Duplicate the texture, move & erase like the picture below:

image 20
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image 21
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Duplicate texture last time and move it to the right side of image:

image 22
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The Layers at this time:

image 23

Well, I think you've finished your work. If you wanna decorate more so you can put brushes, text... into it.

This is the final result

Blend Techniques With Layer Mask
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Click here to download brushes used in this tutorial

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