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Burning Photo Effect

Hi people, today we have a great Burning photo Effect, hope you all like and enjoy it.

image 1

Step 1:

Open the photo you want to use for the Burning photo Effect, try to get a Solid Color Background, that will work better.

We choose this one:

image 2

Step 2:

Download or choose a photo of fire or flames, we are using this one, and you can get it for free here!

image 3

Step 3:

Move your fire photo into your Document (just drag it).

image 4
Click to enlarge

Now, you'll have to adjust the size of the Fire Photo (pretty big) to make it fit into your character photo canvas.

So press Ctrl + T (free transform) and adjust the size.

image 5

Step 4:

In the Blending Modes of your Fire layout select Hard Light.

image 6

Step 5:

No with your Eraser Tool, erase all the character in the photo, you have to be very carefully with this step, and remember that you have to Erase it from the FIRE LAYER.

image 7

Step 6:

Alright! Now in your photo layer press Ctrl + B (or go to image - adjustments - color balance) and change the settings to make the photo brighter and make it match with the flames background, note that the following settings are just for reference, cause the result will depend on your original photo colors.

image 8

Burning Photo Effect

And we're done! Have fun with the Burning photo Effect!

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