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  Tutorials Photoshop Photo Editing Butterfly Angel Photo Effect

Butterfly Angel Photo Effect

The first, you open this photo then press Ctrl+J to duplicate layer, apply Blend mode: Soft light

image 1

Now you open this photo:

image 2

Use Magnetic Lasso Tool to cut the lady out of background (Feather=2)

image 3

Move the lady to background like this:

image 4

Press Ctrl+B to open Color Balance, adjust some information to make the color of lady match background

image 5

After adjust Color Balance, you press Ctrl+J to duplicate the layer of lady, change blend mode of this layer copy: Soft light

Load Selection of lady (Ctrl + Click on layer of lady) then press Ctrl+Shift+I to invert selection

Press Ctrl+Alt+D to open Feather Radius box, put 5 pixels into box

Press Delete key to clear

image 6

Now you press Ctrl+D to deselect and you will get:

image 7

Use Pen tool to draw light downwards, make selection: feather=0

image 8

Combine 2 colors #CEA24A + #FFFFFF

On the bar: image 9

Use Gradient tool to drag downwards, adjust Opacity=70%, you will get:

image 10

Duplicate light layer 2 times then use Free Transform to move light to center and left

image 11

Use Brush tool 200px and draw like this:

image 12

Change blend mode: Soft light:

image 13

Pick this brush:

image 14

Apply to model like this:

image 15

Select layer of lady and adjust curves like this:

image 16

Continue pick this brush, set Opacity 50%:

image 17

And this is final result:

Butterfly Angel Photo Effect
Click to enlarge

These are the brushes needed for this tutorials, click here to download.

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