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Celebrity Wallpaper

You probably asked yourself many times how to make an attractive wallpaper with one of yours favourite celebrity. In this tutorial you'll find out that this task is not as complicated as you may think it is.

Step 1. Open up your photo (I'll be using photo of Eva Mendes)

image 1

Step 2. Make a copy of "background" layer using Ctrl + J on the keyboard. Name this new layer "back_copy".

Step 3. First thing we're going to do is to extract our model from the background. Once again you can choose from many different methods of extraction but since our background is basickly white I'm going to choose one of the easiest methods. So go to the Select - Color Range. This will bring up Color range dialog. Pick Eyedropper Tool and click on the background.

image 2

This will make a rough selection and we have to fine tune it with fuzziness slider. I choose value of 45 and results is shown on the picture below

image 3

Click OK and we now have our selection. It is not perfect one so we are going to use Quick mask tool to correct selection a little bit. So click on the Edit in Quick Mask Mode (Q)

image 4

Quick remainder about Quick Mask Mode: what is red is not selected. So, pick Brush tool (B), select black color and start painting over the parts of our model that are not red. If you are not sure if you did it right press Q and see the selection. When finished press Q to exit Quick Mask Mode. Now press Del on the keyboard to delete background. So we successfully extracted our model.

Step 4. In this step first we are going to change Canvas size so we can insert new background. So go to the Image - Canvas Size and enter values as I did

image 5

Now we can import to stage our background. I choosed a rusty texture. Click File - Open and load our texture (you can download this file here). When opened click on the Move tool (V) and drag and drop this texture on our project file. It will appear as a new layer named Layer 1. Change its name to "rusty texture" and set it to be between "background" layer and "back_copy" layer.

Step 5. Click on "rusty texture". Now go to Filter - Artistic - Dry Brush and set values as I did on the picture below

image 6

Step 6. Now back to our model. We want now to match background color with model. So go to Image - Adjustment - Match Color and set values as I did on the picture below

image 7

Step 7. Right click on "back_copy" layer and select Blending options. We want to add Outher glow and Drop shadow. Set values for both as I did on the picture below

image 8

image 9

And this is our wallpaper:

Celebrity Wallpaper

See you!

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