Tutorials Photoshop Photo Editing Changing Eye Color Quickly and Cleanly

Changing Eye Color Quickly and Cleanly

This will be our starting point.

image 1

Select Edit in Quick Mask Mode. And We will begin painting the eyes to make our selection.

image 2

Once the eyes have been painted to your satisfaction choose Select from the main menu, the choose Inverse.

image 3

From the layers menu once you have Inversed your selection, create a new Adjustment Layer.

Select Color Balance, and begin altering the eye color of the subject.

image 4

In the end your subject should have a new eye color that looks fairly natural. Like so:

image 5

And thats it your done!

But if you want to use the techniques from my Model Glowing Skin Tutorial, you can have something like this: A subject with striking eyes and smooth skin.

Changing Eye Color Quickly and Cleanly

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