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  Tutorials Photoshop Photo Editing Clone stamp tool

Clone stamp tool

1.First of all take any new image as you like.

image 1

2. Now double click on this Background layer

image 2

3. Here click ok

image 3

4. Now select the Clone Stamp Tool from the Tool bar , Brush size 175 Mode - Normal, Opacity 100%

image 4

5. Here look below and "Alt+Click" as shown below

image 5

image 6

6.Here click on other place with the Clone stamp tool .

image 7

7. Now again Alt+Click on this original shape .

image 8

8. Now click on here

image 9

9. Once again Alt+Click on this original shape

image 10

10. Now click on duplicate shape as shown below

image 11

11. Here this short use the Clone stamp tool as shown below

Clone Stamp Tool

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