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Colorful Eye

Phoenix Photo Editing Dec 07, 2007

1. Find or open your eye file. I used this one:

image 1
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2. Optimize levels and other settings. (How? Look here -> Optimizing Photo)

3. Make a new layer. Choose Elliptical Marquee Tool and select eye.

image 2

4. Select Gradient Tool. Set Foreground Color to #0aa5ed and Background Color to #42c502. Set Gradient type to Radial Gradient, fill the selection with it.

5. Set layer's mode to Overlay and remove unnecessary areas using Eraser.

image 3

6. You can use other colors! Duplicate (Ctrl+J) your gradient layer for more contrasted image.

7. Filter -> Render -> Lightning Effects, Flashlight, Point it to your eye.

image 4

8. Edit -> Fade Li

Colorful Eye
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