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Colorful Picture Style

1. Open the picture below

image 1

Create a new document (500x700), fill background with color #F2EADF

image 2

2. Pick Lasso tool and set Feather 25px

image 3

3. Make a selection like this:

image 4

4. Use Move tool to move the selection to background then pick Eraser tool, set the properties like this:

image 5

Use Eraser to make the border of picture softer

image 6

6. Create a new layer, change blend mode to Screen

image 7

7. Make the picture looks more colorful by using soft brush with some colors that you like

image 8

image 9

8. Use Smudge tool to make the picture looks more flexible

image 10

image 11

Go to Color Balance and do as the pictures below

image 12

image 13

image 14

Finally, you can add some texts and brushes to the picture to make it looks better

Colorful Picture Style

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