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Comic Book Effect Photo Editing Apr 05, 2010

1. We're going to edit a picture of something and turn it into a comic strip image or something that almost resembles the real thing. You can use my picture used in this example if you want to!

image 1
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2. First you will have to duplicate the original layer (layer - duplicate layer) and after that you should desaturate the duplicated layer so go to (image- adjustments - desaturate).

image 2
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3. Now duplicate the desaturated layer one more time and go to (filter - stylize - find edges). Make sure you change the blending mode of this layer to soft light! You should have something similar to this picture by now!

image 3
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4. In this last step you just have to place the original banner in between the 2 new ones, a screenshot of my layer window should be enough for any of you to understand what you have to do! And there you go, a comic book effect explained in a few easy steps can be seen in the second screenshot!

image 4

Comic Book Effect
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