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Create a Snow Globe in Photoshop

Here is a tutorial showing how you can create a snow globe from Glass bowl. You will learn some very useful photo manipulation techniques

Final Image

Step 1:

Select the bottom of the glass and press delete. Now press ctrl+t for transformation. Expand the glass horizontally.

Step 2:

Now go to edit>transformations>flip vertically. Select move tool and click on apply. Name this layer "Globe".

Step 3:

Go to Image>adjustment>hue/saturation. Change Hue to +160 and Lightness to -17.

Step 4:

Now take magic wand tool and click all the black area. This can be done by a single click in the center of the globe. Press shift+F6 and change feather radius t0 7. Press delete.

Step 5:

Cut the bridge from snow bridge image such that it fits in the globe. Call this layer "bridge".


Step 6:

Place the cup below the globe so that it looks like the cup is holding the globe. Go to hue/saturation set Hue to +180 and Saturation to +73. Name the layer "cup".

Step 7:

Place the image of the couple on the top layer call it "couple".

Step 8:

Use the brushes to show snowfall.

Step 9:

Take a new layer between cup layer and couple layer. Go to gradient editor and choose #587583, #415c69 and white color. Fill the layer with radial gradient (as shown below)

Step 10:

Change layer mode to hard light. Call this layer "hard light"

Step 11:

Add new layer above "hard light". Call it "linear burn". Fill it with radial gradient using #587583 and #415c69.

Step 12:

Change layer mode to Color burn.

Step 13:

With chain brush draw a pearl necklace. Name it "pearl".

Step 14:

Copy the pearl layer. In the layer style,

Select drop shadow-

Blend mode: multiply

Opacity: 75%

Angle: 120

Distance: 11, spread:0 and size:5

Step 15:

Now select color overlay-

Blend mode: color burn

Opacity: 100%

Step 16:

Click ok

Step 17:

Place the heart pendant on the pearl necklace.

Step 18:

Now take a new layer and paint the silver area of pendant with #1d528b. It will look something like this.

Step 19:

Change the layer mode to soft light to make pendant look blue.

Step 20:

The Snow globe is complete :)
Create a snow globe in photoshop

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