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Create a Vampire

Learn to make a human in to a living vampire. In this tutorial I have made our favorite sharukh in to a vampire.

Today let us create a Vampire. So who will be our character in target. I think sharukh makes a good fit in here.

Ok let's get back to the tut.

Step 1: Open the pix that you want to make as a vampire just make sure that teeth's are clearly visible on that pix and eyes are open.Here is the pix that i used

image 1
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Step 2: Let's make his teeth's a bit longer. Let's zoom in and select the teeth with the Polygon lasso tool

image 2

Make selection this way

image 3

Now we need to press ctrl+d to perform Free Transform (Edit>Free Transform)

image 4

Now zoom out we have this

image 5

His one teeth is done now with the selection on just press ctrl+c or Edit>copy and paste. This will help us to make the 2nd teeth too. Use the move tool (v) to move the 2nd teeth to it's location here is what i got

Step 3: Now time to edit his eye's color . This is what I got

image 6

Step 4: Hmm, Let's dye his hair to something funky so the photo looks a bit more realistic. Make the selection of his hairs with the Polygon lasso tool (L).

image 7

Use the same technique used to change his eye color to change his hair colors too

image 8

That's all it's done we have a cute looking vampire now.

Create a Vampire
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So here is the list of the changes we made on the real pix

* Teeth's
* Eyes
* Hairs

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