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Creative Photo Collage

Open a new free size document and prepare a picture like this:

image 1

Go to Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen to make it sharp.

Naming it S1

Create a new layer over S1 and use Rectangular marquee tool to make a selection:

image 2

Then use Paint bucket Tool to fill it with #f9f7f1

Merge S1 layer and the new one together. Naming it S1-photo

Select this layer then Go to Edit > Free Transform (or press Ctrl + T)

Then choose this tool:

image 3

Now edit your own picture to make it looks like flying flag (or any shape that you like):

image 4

Then press OK.

Now open more any pictures and do as steps above

You'll get the result like this

image 5

Next step, open this texture and put it under 3 layers

Create a new layer on top and fill it with #eae7d8, then set its blend mode to multiply, 69% opacity

Your result:

image 6

Choose brush Tool with these options:

image 7

image 8

image 9

You can change the opacity of brush on menu bar to make it looks softer.

Create a new layer over the texture and apply this brush.

You'll get this:

image 10

Now open this picture and cut the flower out, then drag it into your document.

Use Free Transform to resize it. In addition, I changed its color so as to suit it with background.

image 11

Create a new layer and put it under Flower layer, use this brush then apply freely

image 12

Your result:

image 13

Now you can add more texts or other brushes to decorate your artwork.

This is the final result:

Creative Photo Collage

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