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Decorating Your Photo From Scratch

Create a new document (800x650 px)

Open a photo that you want to decorate, in this tutorial I used this photo:

image 1

Move that photo to the new document. Press Ctrl + J to duplicate this layer and use Free Transform > Flip Horizontal. You'll get this:

image 2

Open this texture, move this texture to document and put its layer over the model layer, set blend mode: soft light:

image 3

Choose Brush Tool and select:

image 4

Apply brush several time to the picture to get a result like this: (remember to choose foreground color #D89A53):

image 5

Open this photo

image 6

Use Magnetic Lasso Tool to cut it (Feather = 1px).

image 7

Drag the flower to your main document. Press Ctrl + J to duplicate it. Use Transform and arrange like this:

image 8

Add more text, duplicate them and decrease the opacity

image 9

Create a new layer. Choose airbrushes and apply like this:

image 10

Go to Filter > Distort > Twirl:

image 11

Press Ctrl + F for Twirl-repeating until the picture becomes this:

image 12

Create a new layer then choose Gradient Tool:

image 13

Drag a straight line then set its opacity to 50% with blend mode: Color burn. You'll get this:

image 14

Choose this brush :

image 15

and apply them to the picture:

image 16

Press Shift + Ctrl + E to merge all layer together. Press Ctrl + J to duplicate.

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur:

image 17

Set blend mode soft light and opacity 50%.

image 18

This is the final result:

Decorating Your Photo From Scratch

Click here to download brushes used in this tutorial

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