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Drawing Graffiti (Exclusive Tutorial)

Max Photo Editing Aug 29, 2007

I've been always delighted with the beauty of some graffiti pictures. Yet I couldn't make them myself. Now I can draw graffiti with the help of Photoshop.

To begin, choose the image that you want to turn into graffiti, then open it in Photoshop. I chose Hilary Duff as a model.

image 1

First you must stylize the picture so that it looks like a pencil drawing.

Duplicate the layer with the image (Ctrl+J). Then apply the Find Edges (Filter>Stylize>Find Edges) filter. After that apply a Gaussian Blur filter (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur) with the radius of 1 px.

image 2

Change the Blending Mode for Overlay and merge (Ctrl+E) it with the previous layer.

image 3

Next apply the Texturize filter (Filter>Texture>Texturize) with the following settings:

image 4

image 5

Almost done. Now duplicate (Ctrl+J) the layer 2 times.

In the Blending Mode for one of the duplicates choose the Hard Light, in the other – Multiply. Now you can play with the Opacity for both layers. I've chosen 50% for both of them.

Drawing Graffiti (Exclusive Tutorial)

That's it – the graffiti is done.

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