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Dreamy Fantasy Photo Effect

The first you open the picture below

image 1
Click to enlarge

Then open this picture:

image 2

Cut the model out of background then put it into the background

image 3
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Press Ctrl+B to open Color Balance of model layer and do as the picture below:

image 4

You will get:

image 5
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Duplicate model layer then change blend mode of layer copy to Soft light, put the layer copy into the picture like this:

image 6
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Open the picture below:

image 7

Move it to the picture then change blend mode to Lighten

image 8
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Create a new layer, use Elliptical marquee tool to draw a circle

image 9
Click to enlarge

Go to Gradient tool and choose the color range like this:

image 10

On the bar you will set like this:

image 11

Drag gradient into the circle, press Ctrl+D to deselect, blend mode: Lighten

Duplicate circle layer several times then sort circles similar to the picture below

image 12
Click to enlarge

Open brush tool and choose the brush below: (Download brush)

image 13

Apply brush to the picture, change blend mode of brush to Overlay

image 14
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Finally, you can add some text and color to the picture to make it looks better

This is my final result:

Dreamy Fantasy Photo Effect
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