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Dreamy Girl Photo Effect

The first you open 2 pictures below:

image 1

image 2

Use pentool (P) to get the model out of background. Then put the model layer over the sky layer as show below

image 3

Select model layer then press Ctrl+B to open Color Balance, set properties like this:

image 4

image 5

Go to Filter/Render/Lighting Effects

image 6

Now duplicate the model layer, set "layer copy" to Screen 100%.

image 7

Apply this texture to your work then press Ctrl+B, set properties:

image 8

image 9

Change blend mode to Screen and you will have:

image 10

Continue to apply this texture to the model then press Ctrl+B:

image 11

image 12

Set this texture to Overlay 100% and you have:

image 13

Use eraser tool (E) to erase some parts of texture around the model. Now the model looks lighter.

image 14

Now add any text you want, set that text to Overlay 100%.

image 15

Choose Horizontal Type Tool (T), on the option bar, you choose wrap text tool.

image 16

image 17

You've done. This is my final result.

Dreamy Girl Photo Effect
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